Production and manufacture of components for industrial valves

Cec Working Ltd. produces and manufactures components for industrial valves in various sectors: the petroleum, energy and LPG sectors, the automotive industry, lubricants, natural gas and water treatment.
Turning, drilling and milling are offered.

Industrial valve production

The company, based in Bergamo, also produces components for brass, stainless steel, cast iron, carbon and PVC ball valves; butterfly valves, pneumatic directional control valves, oleodynamic valves, flanged valves. It also produces components for electric and pneumatic actuators.

Precision engineering production on request

Precision engineering production on request consists of specialised services offered by the company: traceability of the material, complete quality control, warranties for the testing and inspection of quality standards, as well as inspection for possible imperfections of the product.

Cec Working, based in Curno, produces industrial valves and manufactures and produces components for industrial valves. Precision engineering production is also offered on request. The company supplies the industrial sector and its various branches.

The workshop carries out the forging, casting and rolling of all materials (A105, LF2, F55, F51, INCONEL).
The 3.1 certification is then supplied and inspection of dimensions are carried out. True passion and commitment of the entire team, as well as contact with clients, provide the ability to understand the client’s needs and meet their requirements.